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    Melody Weister

    Due to the nature of this site and the product itself, there are some general rules for conduct that must be followed here in order for everyone to safely enjoy the benefits of sharing and connecting with one another.

    1. Be respectful of other users, community members, and moderators.
    2. Be civil to one another in discussions. Ad hominem attacks will not be tolerated.
    3. No links are permitted, unless shared by moderators. (These will usually be links to sections within the myhoophome website. If you see a moderator sharing unapproved or inappropriate links, please notify us immediately at [email protected])
    4. Keep all discourse civil (we really can’t emphasize this one enough) and keep threads on-topic. Create new threads for new issues, even if they evolve from an issue in another thread. (For example: if your technical issue is solved and you experience a new one, don’t post about it in the original thread.)
    5. No encouraging or promoting violence, hatred, self-harm, or abuse.
    6. No promotions (of yourself, others, other products, other websites, other services, third-party applications or products that work with Hoop).
    7. No spamming. If you’re posting the same question 25 times, it will not get answered faster.
    8. No foul language.
    9. No doxxing (sharing of private/personal information, either of yourself or other users).
    10. Be respectful of others and their lifestyle choices, be it race, gender, sexuality, socioeconomic status, interior decorating choices, religion, politics, etc. We wouldn’t put mustard yellow wallpaper in a room with lime-green carpet, but we’re not here to yuck someone else’s yum.
    11. No hate speech of any kind.
    12. Don’t share content you wouldn’t want your grandparents to see.
    13. No nudity or pornography. WRITTEN OR VISUAL. Keep posts SFW please.
    14. NO REVENGE PORNOGRAPHY. It’s illegal. We may report you to the police.
    15. No sexualizing minors (under 18 years old). Please use your best discretion when sharing content that includes minors. Make sure these individuals are in appropriate clothing (no swimsuits, leotards, etc.) so that there is no question about the nature of the content.
    16. No content that includes graphic violence, gore, or abuse of persons or animals (see rule 5). If you have video of something terrible happening at your home, it needs to go to the police, not to our community.
    17. No content promoting drugs or alcohol, drug paraphernalia, or displaying/encouraging drug use of any kind. We really don’t feel like answering calls from the DEA about you.
    18. Content you share here becomes property of Hoop. If your pet is super cute and we love seeing videos of him or her, we might want to put them in a commercial. If you share their videos here, you are granting us permission to make Bill Purray or Chewbarka famous.
    19. No selling (or attempting to sell) products (even Hoop products) or asking other users for money.
    20. Only post your own content. Do not post other users’ videos, photos, or other material that is copyrighted or otherwise does not belong to you.
    21. Follow laws. Keep it legal, friends.



    If we see you posting content that violates the Community Guidelines, it will be removed, and you will receive a warning from a moderator about violating the guidelines. If you receive three warnings, you will receive a temporary suspension, which may range from 24 hours to 1 month, depending on the severity of the offense. If you continue to violate the Guidelines after a suspension, you will be banned.

    Certain rules have a Zero Tolerance policy, and rather than a warning/suspension, will result in an immediate ban if violated. The Zero Tolerance rules are as follows:

    • Posting nudity/pornography/graphic violence/gore
    • Sexualizing minors
    • Encouraging or threatening violence
    • Malicious doxxing or swatting
    • Hate speech
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