How do I enable or disable push notifications from the myhoophome application on my Android™ or iOS device?

Within the myhoophome application, you will find an option under Settings for Mode Settings. From here, you can adjust the types of push notifications that you receive from Hoop. Please note, we do not recommend disabling notifications entirely, unless someone else in your household has them turned on and will be able to monitor any suspicious activity.

Under Mode Settings, you will find a variety of options detailing when and where you might receive certain types of visual or sound-based notifications. You can also choose to have the app switch to Away mode automatically when your GPS shows you leaving your home address, or to manually enable Away mode when you leave. The option to return to the default settings is always at the bottom of the screen, so if you make too many changes, you can always undo them.

There is also the option to enable Do Not Disturb mode for periods of time where you don’t want to receive notifications from Hoop. This option can be found at the top of the Settings menu. Just don’t forget to disable Do Not Disturb mode when you’re done!

You also have the option to mute notifications about a specific profile, if you have a family member, pet, or roommate who is frequently active in the household around the Hoop cameras and causing you to receive a lot of notifications.