How do I listen through my Hoop? How do I mute it if I don’t want to listen anymore?

When you view your Hoop’s live feed from the dashboard within the myhoophome application, the audio will be enabled by default. If you can’t hear when opening the Live View, make sure that your phone’s media volume is up loud enough to hear, or that your phone is not connected to external audio sources. If you want to mute the audio, there will be a speaker icon marked Audio. Tap the icon to mute or unmute.

To disable sound and sound recording entirely, from within the Live View menu, you will see a settings icon in the top right corner of the screen. Tap that icon. On the following screen, tap “Advanced Settings”. There will be a toggle that says, “Record sound”. Toggle that off, and your Hoop will no longer record sound until you re-enable it.