What is the best place to position the Hoop Cam or Hoop Cam Plus?

When you position your Hoop camera, it is important to remember that Facial Recognition* performs best when the camera is at eye level, and not looking up or down at your face.

Bookshelves, credenzas, kitchen counters, and tall side-tables are great locations for placing your Hoop. The ideal height for Hoop is between 4 feet to 6 feet off the ground (unless you live in a family of extraordinarily tall individuals, in which case you can extend that number to 7 feet). The recommended ideal distance from the entryway (or generally from where you want Hoop to see people entering the room) is around 10-13 feet.

Make sure that your Hoop is located close enough to receive a strong signal from your wireless router, or else you may find that Hoop does not perform to the best of its ability. Only use your Hoop indoor camera indoors, and make sure that wherever you position it is out of direct sunlight, in an area where the Hoop will not be exposed to excessive moisture, dust, extreme temperatures, or humidity.

If you have positioned your Hoop properly and still experience issues with facial recognition* performing as intended, please note that a subscription plan is required to use this feature. If you are on a Basic (free) subscription, facial recognition is not accessible.