What’s the difference between the various subscription plans?

The basic Hoop subscription plan provided for free offers you access to 7 days of Continuous Motion Recording (also called Continuous Video Recording), as well as unlimited cameras, geo-fencing, cloud storage, and time-based reminders, along with all the standard security features (motion tracking/tagging, motion alerts, sound alerts, etc.) with the exception of person alerts.

This means that your Hoop application will be able to store 7 whole days of full videos (not a limited number or shortened clips) on the cloud, for as many cameras as you own, completely free. You’ll also be able to set reminders by time, like receiving a notification at 6:30PM on Fridays to take out the trash. Hoop will also be able to (if you enable geo-fencing) track your location and automatically register when you leave your home, and switch its security mode accordingly.

The premium Hoop subscription plan offers you all the benefits and features of a Basic subscription, advanced detection and AI, full reminders that include face-based along with time-based, routines and routine alerts, unlimited user profiles, and intelligent facial recognition*, for up to three cameras. In addition, you’ll receive 30 days of Continuous Motion Recording saved on the cloud. Each additional camera after the third camera costs an extra $1.99/month.

This means that along with all the great features you receive for free, your Hoop will be able to send you, or other members of your household, reminders when it sees you. It will be able to intelligently recognize and learn the faces* of each user profile you create, and it will ask you to help it learn to recognize these faces with improved accuracy. Your Hoop camera will also be able to detect whether the motion it sees is from people or animals, and notify you accordingly. Finally, you’ll be able to create routines for yourself and other members of your household, and receive relevant notifications when specific things occur—or don’t occur. Want to make sure your children are home safely for school? A premium subscription allows you to teach Hoop to recognize them, and notify you the minute they walk in the door.